Transform Yourself From "Beginning Business-Builder" Into "Expert Entrepreneur" in Just 20 Minutes a Day…

No Matter How Many Times You’ve Tried, Failed and Given Up in the Past

Almost every other business-building
resource I know fails to teach this the right way.

But in the next few minutes, I’ll reveal how you can:

  • Implement this 20-minute practice TODAY

  • Use this practice to become “the savviest entrepreneur in the room” without getting a four-year business degree or expensive MBA

  • Master "The Essential Skills of Entrepreneurial Success" so you can FINALLY build your own fully-functional, money-making dream business

"I never knew marketing and growing a business could be so simple!"












Dear Aspiring Entrepreneur...

If you’ve ever dreamed of building and running a profitable dream business...

Promised yourself you’ll do WHATEVER IT TAKES to succeed...

But always seem to get “stuck” at some point and give up in sheer frustration...

I’ve got some good news.

In the next few minutes...

I’m going to spill the beans on a simple 20-minute "practice" that will help you avoid this dreaded "Start-Stop Cycle" once and for all, become an expert entrepreneur and FINALLY launch your own dream business.

Best of all?

This takes just 20 minutes a day.

“I was having trouble just focusing, trying to do too many different things all at once. This has helped realize the power of simplicity.”


This 20-Minute Practice Will Help You...

  • Gain complete clarity on what you do, who you serve and what you offer. Even the most motivated entrepreneurs get stuck on gaining clarity about their business... and NEVER make any REAL progress. This practice makes gaining business clarity EASY.

  • Get prospects and customers to think of you as “THE Expert Authority” in your niche. Once you’re positioned as a top authority, you can expect more leads, more sales, more referrals, more respect and even more lucrative speaking opportunities.

  • Create “The Ultimate Daily Routine” for you, your business and your lifestyle. This easy yet powerful practice will help you get more things done than ever... with PLENTY of free time to spare so you can do what you REALLY want to do.

  • Find “Raving Fans” that LOVE what you do. You don’t need many “raving fans” to support a thriving business. This will help you find your best fans quickly so you can start building a lucrative long-term relationship with them right away.

  • Convert new buyers into loyal, long-term customers that want just about everything you sell. Even if you cringe at the thought of selling, this will make selling your products and services EASIER than you ever thought possible.

  • Think like today’s most successful entrepreneurs. With the advent of AI and other automated solutions, knowing how to THINK will set you apart from your competition. This practice will help you think like the “best of the best” entrepreneurs and business owners.

  • Avoid the dreaded “Start-Stop Cycle” for good so you can create consistent momentum for your business. This practice will help you sidestep all those “pitfalls” and “roadblocks” that can derail your efforts and prevent you from building your dream business.

  • And so much more... thanks to the simple 20-minute practice I’m going to reveal to you today.

OK... OK...

I Know I Just Made a LOT of BIG Promises

And I know I just claimed you can make ALL of this happen just by adding an easy 20-minute practice to your business-building efforts.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

If that’s what you’re thinking, I don’t blame you one bit.

But I assure you that in the next few minutes...

I’ll spill the beans on...

  1. What this simple 20-minute practice is all about...

  2. Why it’s so incredibly effective...

  3. How you can start using this practice to FINALLY get your own dream business up and running like clockwork... no matter what's been keeping you from making any real progress up to now.

Who I Am and Why 

I’m Qualified to Help You Launch Your Dream Business

My name is Marisa Murgatroyd.
I’m the Founder of Live Your Message.

And over the past decade, my team and I have helped 15,544 students and counting create thriving businesses in literally hundreds of industries.

What's more, my own online business, Live Your Message, has brought in over $46 million in coaching, consulting and online course revenue along the way.

So when it comes to online entrepreneurship...

I’ve not only “talked the talk” for years...

But I also “walk the walk” each and every day.

And as we move into 2024...

I strongly believe the opportunity to launch a profitable dream business has never been better.

But here’s the thing...

I know from speaking with literally thousands of my students over the years that when it comes to building and launching a business...

Most new entrepreneurs get it wrong right from the start...

And as a result...

They wind up never making any REAL progress.

Let me explain.

Let’s Say You Want to Build and Run Your Own Money-Making Dream Business

What’s the first thing you do?

Well, if you’re like most beginning entrepreneurs...

You probably think you need to get proficient at certain creative, technical skills before doing anything else.

Skills like:

  • Web Design

  • Copywriting

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Graphic Design

  • Product Development

  • Affiliate Marketing

So what do you do next?

You Spend Your Hard-Earned Money on the Latest “Shiny Objects” to Learn These Skills

Maybe you spend $197 on an online course...

Or $297/month on a paid membership...

Or $2,999 or more on a ticket to a weekend conference...

Doesn’t matter, really...

In your mind, all you really want to do is:

  1. Get your dream business up and running...

  2. Make enough money to run your business full-time...

  3. Live life completely on your own terms...

AND YOU PROMISE YOURSELF that once you spend your hard-earned money on these “shiny objects,” you’ll do WHATEVER IT TAKES to learn these creative, technical skills and succeed.

But If You Do it This Way, You Won’t Be Focusing
 on the Right Skills First

And this will make it almost certain that...

  • You’ll hit a “pitfall” or a “roadblock” that prevents you from making any further progress...

  • You’ll give up in frustration...

  • You’ll move onto something else...

And then, several days, weeks, months or perhaps even years later...

You’ll start all over again...

And the cycle repeats itself. 

This is where the term “The Start-Stop Cycle” comes from.

So... Which Skills Do You REALLY Need to Focus on FIRST When Building a Business From Scratch?

Here’s the lowdown...

Before you buy any more “shiny objects” that teach technical and creative business skills like the ones I just mentioned...

You need to learn the fundamentals...

Before you do anything else.

I call them “The Essential Skills for Entrepreneurial Success.”


And I assure you that your entire business-building journey will be...

  • SO much easier...

  • SO much more enjoyable...

  • SO much more fulfilling...

  • And SO much more productive!

But here’s the thing...

LEARNING these Essential Skills for Entrepreneurial Success is just the start...

You Need to PRACTICE These Other Skills CONSISTENTLY if You Want to Reach Entrepreneurial MASTERY

According to my good friend and mastery mentor Edwin Fion...

It takes five steps to develop Mastery of any worthwhile skill...

These five steps are:

  1. Awareness

  2. Knowledge

  3. Practice

  4. Embodiment

  5. Mastery

Most business-building resources stop at Step 2: Knowledge.

But knowledge alone won’t cut it when you’re trying to build the business of your dreams.

Once you’ve acquired KNOWLEDGE...

You then need to PRACTICE the skill before you reach EMBODIMENT (the point when you internalize and integrate the skill)...

Before you finally reach MASTERY.

With all this in mind, I couldn't be more excited to share with you...

“We know that great performance comes from deliberate practice."


This Makes Sense When You Really Think About It

Think about trying to master ANY worthwhile skill.

Take ballroom dancing...

Do you think you’re going to get really good at it ONLY by reading dozens of “How to Become an Expert Ballroom Dancer” books?

No way!

Sooner or later, you’re going to have to put on your dancing shoes and actually PRACTICE DANCING!

And do it CONSISTENTLY, too!

Or else, it’s really just useless knowledge in your head.

Nothing more.

The same goes for mastering any other worthwhile skill, like:

  • Surfing big waves...

  • Playing the piano...

  • Becoming fluent in a foreign language...

  • Getting a black belt in a martial art...

  • Wine tasting...

  • Flying a helicopter...

  • And so many other skills that require CONSISTENT PRACTICE in order to reach MASTERY...

With all this in mind, I couldn't be more excited to share with you...

“Everything in life worth achieving requires practice."


The Best Way I Know to Learn, Practice and Master
"The Essential Skills of Entrepreneurial Success"

Over the years, I’ve seen and studied literally hundreds of business-building resources.

It’s just part of my job.

And as I just mentioned...

One of the most striking things I’ve noticed is that most of these resources neglect to emphasize PRACTICING the essential skills of entrepreneurial success CONSISTENTLY.

And that’s unfortunate.

You see... I just KNOW there are so many superstar entrepreneurs-in-waiting out there who simply need the right guidance when it comes to building a business from scratch.

Guidance I KNOW I can provide based on my 12 years of hard-won experience as a seasoned entrepreneur...

AND as a business-building teacher with over 15,544 students and counting...

So, about a year ago, I decided to do something about it.

I reached out to my team at Live Your Message...

I shared my thoughts on this...

And over the course of several months...

And MANY Zoom calls...

We brainstormed the fastest, easiest and most effective ways to teach our students how to LEARN, PRACTICE and MASTER these essential skills.

It went through many iterations...

And a LOT of trial and error...

But I'm now proud to say that my initial idea has evolved into what I strongly believe is the single most powerful, most effective and most impactful learning resource for beginning entrepreneurs today.

Here’s what this is all about.


Practice & Prosper

Our goal at Entrepreneur School is simple.

To help beginner entrepreneurs like YOU learn, practice and master the Essential Skills of Entrepreneurial Success in a fun, safe and supportive environment.

This way, you can finally build the business of your dreams without ever getting stuck in the “Start-Stop Cycle” ever again.

“I was having a problem focusing on all the new shiny things I could learn and play with, and I wasn't sure how to take consistent action without being distracted. I joined and it helped me satisfy my need to learn new things AND gave me a framework to take consistent action.”


Here’s Everything You Gain Access to When You Become a Student of Entrepreneur School:

Monthly Kick-Off Call:

“Class” Is in Session!

On the first Monday of every month, I host a 60-minute class that covers one of the essential skills of entrepreneurial success in great detail.

This is THE main event of Entrepreneur School...

And always loads of fun!

Because hey... there’s no reason school has to be boring, am I right?

Here’s Just a Taste of What Our Students Discovered During These Fun and Informative Monthly Classes Over the Past 12 Months:

  • How to create “The Perfect Day” so you have plenty of time to build your business AND enjoy life even if you’ve ever told yourself, “I just don’t have enough time” or “I’m too busy”...

  • A little-known yet extremely powerful way to access your “Zone of Genius” at will so you can focus on the things you’re uniquely suited to do AND leverage your unique abilities, gifts and superpowers whenever you want...

  • How to create a global network with ease using Kevin Bacon’s famous “Six Degrees Of Separation” Phenomenon, even if you consider yourself a complete introvert...

  • A super simple way to generate dozens, even hundreds of likes and comments whenever you post on social media so you can boost engagement with your friends and followers and help position yourself as a trusted, expert authority...

  • How to use “Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs” to create the perfect offer for you and your business -- just one well-designed offer can cut through the noise and make your business successful, even if you’re just getting started...

I’ll also answer any questions you may have at the end of each class.

This way, you can get direct feedback and advice from me on what you’ve learned...

And how to PRACTICE what you learn.

This brings me to (drum roll, please)...


The Easy 20-Minute “Practice”
That Makes ALL the Difference

As I’ve been saying...

It takes more than just KNOWLEDGE in order to achieve MASTERY of any worthwhile skill.

It also takes consistent PRACTICE.

“The most effective form
of learning is practice."


So here’s what I do in each monthly Class:

  • I reveal one essential business-building skill...

  • I ask you to practice this skill several times per week until we meet again the following month for the next class...

  • I give you crystal-clear instructions and tips on how to practice the skill the right way...


You’ll Also Get Slides, Transcripts, Workbooks and MORE to Help You MASTER the Essential Skills of Entrepreneurial Success!

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure you learn, practice, and master the essential skill I’ll teach you in each monthly class as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Here are some of the learning resources you can expect to get with each monthly Class:

  • Slideshow Presentations: You can review the slides that I use in each presentation to get a quick “40,000-foot” overview of what I teach in each lesson whenever you want to review the material and keep it top-of-mind...

  • Transcripts: If you’re the type who prefers to read at your own pace rather than watch videos, you’ll love our professionally edited PDF transcripts...

  • Workbooks: These workbooks are really the heart and soul of each monthly Class because they provide you with detailed instructions on how to learn, practice and master what I teach in each Class...

  • Proprietary AI Tools: For some Classes, you’ll get a free, cutting-edge, 100% proprietary AI tool that you can’t find anywhere else to help provide you with virtually limitless ideas to build your business in just seconds...

And for some monthly Classes, depending on what’s taught in the Class...

You may also get additional learning resources such as templates, checklists, scripts, progress trackers, eBooks, automated social media tools and more...

Bottom line?

You can rest assured you’ll have every learning resource you'll ever need to build your business.

With all this right at your fingertips...

I think you’ll find practicing these skills rather easy...

And fun, too!

And if you’re short on time, here’s something you’ll be glad to know...

Practicing these skills takes as little as 20 minutes a day.

And here’s a quick tip before I tell you about the awesome coaching calls you’ll get to participate in as a student of Entrepreneur School.

The more you practice what you learn in between your monthly classes...

The faster you’ll build your business.

It really does make ALL the difference.

So please make sure you PRACTICE these skills CONSISTENTLY.

You’ll be so glad you did!

“I know without a doubt that consistency is paying off. The bottom line is that I feel more confident about my ability to move the needle in my business. If I look back a year, I feel and know that I have gained more business skills thanks to the help I received.”



Clarity Coaching Calls

On the second and fourth Monday of each month, our dedicated “Clarity Coach” will host a LIVE 60-minute Clarity Coaching Call.

So if there’s a class you find difficult to understand...

A skill you find challenging to implement...

Or anything else you’d like some help with during your journey towards Entrepreneurial Mastery...

Just jump on these Clarity Coaching Calls and ask for help...

So YOU can gain complete clarity on the essential business-building skills you’ll be learning and practicing.

Our Clarity Coach has been part of the Live Your Message family for years...

And she has plenty of experience helping motivated entrepreneurs like you overcome even the trickiest of business-building obstacles.

  • She’ll help you complete your assignments...

  • She’ll answer your most pressing questions...

  • And she’ll help you overcome any pitfalls or roadblocks that may be keeping you from making progress.

“During the group coaching meetings three times a month,  I am finding that I am not alone in my questions, fears, and adjustments as I move toward more action and traction in my business.”



Mindset Coaching Calls

On the third Monday of each month, Ben Harris (aka “The Fear Guy”) will be on hand for another 60-minute call...

And he’ll be ready to coach you and support you through any mindset challenges that may come up during the monthly classes.

He’ll also...

  • Give you practical, real-world techniques for dealing with any type of fears you may be facing as you build your business...

  • Provide plenty of hard-won advice on how to cultivate the kind of resilient mindset that will carry you throughout your entrepreneurial journey...

  • Answer any mindset questions you may have in real time...

I can’t overstate the importance of getting your mindset right...

Especially when you consider how common “Impostor Syndrome” is among beginning entrepreneurs...

And how potentially destructive it can be.

So if you feel something may be holding you back...

Or if there’s anything else mindset-related that you’d really like some help with from someone like Ben...

You’ll definitely want to make sitting in on this once-a-month Mindset Coaching Call a top priority.


You’ll Also Get to Join Our Exclusive Community

This is a fun, casual, yet extremely powerful support network that connects you with other Entrepreneur School students all over the world.

Take a look at this private online forum, and you’ll find plenty of fellow students just like you who want to build the business of their dreams.

Spend some time in this exclusive community and you’ll find that your fellow students are super supportive...

And will gladly help you make your business dreams come true in any way they can.

On top of all this...

You may even find other new business owners to partner with.

After all, amazing things are possible when you surround yourself with people who have the same passion and drive as you.

So, if you’re the kind of person who appreciates community and accountability, you’ll just LOVE this.

“I discovered that community is incredibly valuable. I made connections that harmonized with my goals and inspired growth. I met amazing new friends and allies who provided valuable insights and support."


Why Entrepreneur School Could Be the Wisest Business Investment You’ll Ever Make

I strongly believe joining Entrepreneur School can be a total game-changer for any beginning entrepreneur ready to achieve tremendous success over the long haul.

Become a new student of Entrepreneur School today and you’ll...

  • Learn, practice and master the Essential Skills of Entrepreneurial Success in a fun, safe and supportive environment...

  • Make practicing these skills a priority, which is something almost all other beginning entrepreneurs fail to do the right way...

  • Avoid the dreaded “Start-Stop Cycle” for good so you can finally build and run the business of your dreams...

  • Connect with our Clarity Coach and Mindset Coach on a regular basis so you can consistently get all of your questions answered in real-time...

  • Gain access to a collection of cutting-edge AI tools, templates and scripts to help make your entrepreneurial journey smoother, faster and easier...

  • Find out how to implement “The 20-Minute Practice” into your business-building efforts so you can achieve Entrepreneurial Mastery...

  • Join a supportive community of like-minded business-builders ready to help, support and encourage you every step of the way...

  • And so much more...

“I’m confident about my path forward because I know I have the structures and skills to tackle the challenges that I face in my entrepreneurial journey.”


So... How Much Is “Tuition”
for Entrepreneur School?

And is it really a good deal?

Well, consider this.

Let’s say you wanted to get a four-year business degree at a traditional U.S. University.

For in-state students, you could expect to spend approximately $40,000 to $60,000.

For out-of-state students, around $80,000 to $140,000.

And if you attend a private university, you’re looking at $120,000 to $200,000 or higher.

And if you want an MBA, you’re looking at another $20,000 to $60,000 for public universities...

$60,000 to $200,000 for private universities...

And over $200,000 for some executive MBA programs.

Not cheap!

Then, there are all the other online business-building resources to consider.

Many of these are not all that cheap, either...

And also neglect to place the right amount of emphasis on learning, practicing and mastering the Essential Skills of Entrepreneurial Success...

Like Entrepreneur School does.

So you may be surprised when you find out that “tuition” for Entrepreneur School is only:


(or $997/year)

That’s it.

Just $97 a month for a resource that can help you build the business of your dreams.

Join Entrepreneur School Today


Pay As You Go

  • Monthly Classes
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Templates, Scripts & AI Generators
  • Community Access
  • Entrepreneur Launchpad Bundle
  • Start With You ($497 Value)
  • Fear Alchemy ($297 Value)
  • Live Your Message LIVE Tuition Waiver ($900 Value)





Best Value

  • Monthly Classes
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Templates, Scripts & AI Generators
  • Community Access
  • Entrepreneur Launchpad Bundle
  • Start With You ($497 Value)
  • Fear Alchemy ($297 Value)
  • Live Your Message LIVE Tuition Waiver ($900 Value)



Save $167 & Get $1,694 in Added Bonuses



“I am super stoked for the visibility I now have and for the traction I have as a result of being a part of this family. Thanks Marisa and the entire Live Your Message team for this breakthrough in my business. I now have two paying clients!!!!”


To sweeten the pot, you’ll also get...

Entrepreneur Launchpad

($388 Value)

I want to help you get your business up and running as quickly and easily as possible. That’s why I’m including this SPECIAL BONUS when you join Entrepreneur School today.

It’s called The Entrepreneur Launchpad.

It’s valued at $388.

And this powerful collection of unique, business-building Classes will help you launch your own dream business as quickly and hassle-free as possible.

Start With a Micro-Niche *

Choosing a “niche” is often the first thing entrepreneurs try to do when starting a business.

That’s because it’s so important.

After all, you can’t have a profitable business without a profitable niche, am I right?

However, MANY entrepreneurs spend literally YEARS trying to find the “perfect” niche before doing anything else with their business.

And as a result, they stay “stuck” trying to find the “perfect” niche...

And never make ANY progress.

I don’t want this to happen to you.

So here’s what I suggest.

Instead of trying to find the “perfect” niche...

Find a profitable “micro-niche” instead.

What’s a “micro-niche” you may be wondering?

In a nutshell, it’s MUCH more specific than a niche.

“What truly accelerated the process and made it much smoother was the realization that I could use AI tools to assist me in this journey.”


And choosing a profitable micro-niche, which you’ll learn how to do in Start With A Micro-Niche, will make things SO much easier for you when starting a new business...

Especially in today’s hyper-crowded market.

* Includes The Micro-Niche Generator AI Tool, which will help you come up with literally hundreds of new, creative, possibly crazy and potentially very lucrative micro-niche suggestions in just seconds.

Answering the “So What Do You Do?” Question *

One of the biggest challenges every coach, consultant, service provider and course creator has is saying what they do in a way that really resonates with their potential clients.

These days, chances are they’ve heard it all.

So you need to come up with a way of telling your potential clients what you do in a way that’s arresting, compelling, memorable, exciting, impactful, and relevant to them RIGHT NOW.

Doesn’t sound that easy, does it?

No worries! We got your back!

In the “So What Do You Do?” bonus, you’ll find out who your ideal client is, identify what you do for them, and why that matters for them, too.

Then you’ll dive deeper into the specific person you help, the problem you want to solve for them, and your unique approach to solving this problem.

Finally, you’ll draft what we call an “XYZ” Statement and a “Tell Me More” Statement to help you say what you do simply and easily.

* Includes The “So What Do You Do?” Statement Generator AI Tool, which will help you generate as many “XYZ” Statement variations and “Tell More More” statement variations as you want almost instantly.

“What I love the most is the AI tools and how you created them to help us put the most amazing messages together. It took me a few minutes using your AI tool and BOOM, I've got a 'WOW' statement I now can use in all my marketing. Same applies to all the other tools.”


Discovering Your Authentic Voice *

In our highly connected social media world, engagement is king.

And if you want more engagement (i.e. more likes, comments and shares...)

Posting cute cat videos won’t cut it anymore.

Instead, you’ll need to share AUTHENTIC and UNIQUE content that creates a visceral emotional response...

If you want to cut through all the noise and stand out in today’s ultra-crowded social media landscape.

Bottom line?

If you don’t regularly get in front of people in a memorable way, they won’t know you exist...

Much less remember you and consider buying from you.

“With the help of the AI tool, I have been using my authentic voice to write my content. For the last 3 months, I have been posting consistently every week on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedln.”


This is where “Authentic Voice Posts” come in.

They’re designed to cut through the noise and generate REAL engagement and rapport with your audience.

Upload enough “Authentic Voice Posts” consistently and you’ll start to create a trail of breadcrumbs that will lead directly to YOU.

And the more crumbs you drop, the more people that will find you...

And the more interest you’ll generate in your business.

In the Discovering Your Authentic Voice bonus, you’ll find out everything you need to include in an “Authentic Voice Post” and how to use these posts effectively on your social media platforms.

* Includes The Authentic Voice Post Generator AI Tool, which will give you virtually limitless ideas for "Authentic Voice Posts" you can use on your social media platforms, saving you heaps of time and mental energy.

Your Irresistible First Offer *

FAR too many beginning entrepreneurs spend too much time in the “idea” stage of building a business.

Some even get stuck there in perpetuity...

And wind up never selling anything.

That’s NOT how you build a dream business!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from coaching thousands of students over the years...

It’s that most beginning entrepreneurs wait WAY too long BEFORE they begin to sell their products, programs and services...

And you don’t have a business until you’re making money.

You’ve got to make that first sale...

Then another... then another... and then another...

Until your business is bringing in the kind of revenue that can support the kind of lifestyle you dream of enjoying.

So, what’s the fastest and easiest way to get that first sale and keep those sales coming in?

Come up with what I call “The Irresistible First Offer” and sell that FIRST to your prospects.

And by the way...

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE can make an "Irresistible First Offer" RIGHT NOW regardless of your experience.

And you'll be able to create an "Irresistible First Offer" QUICKLY once you complete Your Irresistible First Offer.

* Includes Your Irresistible First Offer Generator AI Tool, which will help you come up with great names for your offer, the ONE thing your offer should focus on and an outline of what to include in your offer in just seconds.

“The AI tools have been incredible and really helped to word things that I've struggled with in the past.”


Join Entrepreneur School Today


Pay As You Go

  • Monthly Classes
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Templates, Scripts & AI Generators
  • Community Access
  • Entrepreneur Launchpad Bundle
  • Start With You ($497 Value)
  • Fear Alchemy ($297 Value)
  • Live Your Message LIVE Tuition Waiver ($900 Value)





Best Value

  • Monthly Classes
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Templates, Scripts & AI Generators
  • Community Access
  • Entrepreneur Launchpad Bundle
  • Start With You ($497 Value)
  • Fear Alchemy ($297 Value)
  • Live Your Message LIVE Tuition Waiver ($900 Value)



Save $167 & Get $1,694 in Added Bonuses



Join Entrepreneur School Today 
Without Risking a Single Penny

As the Founder of Live Your Message,

I strive to provide my students (over 15,544 and counting) with the most rewarding, most enriching and most life-changing educational experience possible.

But I also know that some of our resources may not be for everyone.

And that includes Entrepreneur School.

That’s why I’ve put together a 100% risk-free guarantee so that you can experience what it’s like to be a new Entrepreneur School student...

Without ever worrying that you just spent your money on something that may not be quite right for you.

Here’s how the Entrepreneur School

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee works.

  1. Sign up for Entrepreneur School.

  2. Log into the Entrepreneur School portal and go to the Entrepreneurial Launchpad Bonus section.

  3. Complete just ONE of the Entrepreneurial Launchpad training sessions so you can find out WHAT we teach, HOW we teach it, and, most importantly, how to PRACTICE it so you can reach Entrepreneurial MASTERY.

That’s it!

Once you’ve done that...

And you’re still not convinced that Entrepreneur School is for you...

Just let us know within 30 days, and we’ll refund every single penny that you paid to join Entrepreneur School.

As you can see...

I’m willing to take ALL the risk in order to help you find out just how powerful and life-changing Entrepreneur School can be for aspiring entrepreneurs like you.

Why NOW Is the Best Time Ever to Join Entrepreneur School

If your time to you is worth savin’
Then you better start swimmin’ or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’


Yes, indeed, times are changing.

In just the past five years, we’ve seen and experienced a pandemic that brought the world economy to its knees.

Businesses shut down...

Restaurants closed...

Events stopped...

Travel came to a standstill...

And literally millions of workers, including the most loyal, hard-working ones with decades of service, lost their jobs due to massive, widespread layoffs.

But it hasn’t been all doom and gloom...

Especially if you like the idea of gaining complete control of your own destiny.

That’s because the past five years have also brought us...

  • The meteoric rise and acceptance of remote work - The pandemic completely changed how we work, when we work and especially where we work, whether you’re a full-time employee working remotely or a work-from-anywhere digital nomad...

  • A huge boom in E-Commerce and digital product sales. Since so many businesses closed during the pandemic, shopping from home became extremely popular and convenient and remains so, with retail E-Commerce sales reaching $5.8 trillion in 2023...

  • The widespread prevalence of high-speed internet. It’s now easier than ever for anyone to make a great living from anywhere in the world using nothing more than a laptop and an internet connection, even in the most remote, faraway locations...

  • The unprecedented advent of AI and automation tools. This incredible new technology makes countless tasks so much easier for “knowledge workers’ the world over, but it also poses a very serious threat for those who don’t know how to leverage it effectively...

  • PLUS... many, MANY more unprecedented changes...

All this and more is why I strongly believe...

There’s never been a better time to strike out on your own, become an entrepreneur and start your dream business.

Think about it...

Once you’ve established yourself as a successful entrepreneur and run your own tangible, fully functional, profit-generating business, you get to...

  • Gain complete control of your own destiny...

  • Be your own boss...

  • Make your own decisions...

  • Have no limits on your income potential...

  • Make a great living from anywhere in the world...

  • Live life completely on your own terms...

  • Make a difference in your community...

  • Impact the world in a positive way...

  • Leave a lasting legacy...

  • Enjoy so many other life-changing benefits...

So before I go, I want you to ask yourself a very serious, potentially life-changing question.

Right now.

Do You REALLY Want to Become a Super-Successful Entrepreneur?

If your answer is a resounding YES!!!

Then I can’t think of a better way to get started than to join Entrepreneur School today...

Join Entrepreneur School today and you’ll get to learn, practice and master the Essential Skills of Entrepreneurial Success in a fun, safe and supportive environment...

So you can become a super successful entrepreneur...

Launch your own dream business...

Gain complete control of your destiny...

And change your life forever!

"I AM becoming the person I most wanted to become. That is a lot to be thankful for!  Another plus is that I am enjoying the journey.”


Here’s How to Join Entrepreneur School

To join Entrepreneur School, simply click the “Join Entrepreneur School NOW” button below.

Once you've done that, you’ll be redirected to an Order Form, where you’ll fill out your information and payment details.

Then, once we confirm your order, you’ll officially be a new student...

And will receive further instructions on how to get started right away.

I can't wait to welcome you to Entrepreneur School.

See you on the inside!


Marisa Murgatroyd
Live Your Message

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  • Monthly Classes
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Templates, Scripts & AI Generators
  • Community Access
  • Entrepreneur Launchpad Bundle
  • Start With You ($497 Value)
  • Fear Alchemy ($297 Value)
  • Live Your Message LIVE Tuition Waiver ($900 Value)



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How to Save $167 on Your Entrepreneur School Tuition and Get THREE Incredible Business-Building Bonuses Valued at $1,694!

I want to do everything I can to help you become a master entrepreneur and build the online business of your dreams.

I also want to reward the most dedicated students.

I’m talking about the students who know, from the bottom of their hearts, that they’re on this entrepreneurial journey for the long haul...

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Start With You

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Find out how to leverage your life experience to create your ultimate dream business (no matter what your experience may be!)

One of the most common concerns I’ve heard from my students over the years is that they lack the necessary experience to build a profitable business.

They feel they can’t compete with all those other “experts” out there with business degrees, MBAs and years of real-world experience.

The thing is... that couldn’t be further from the truth!

I know for a fact that pretty much ANYONE can build and run a successful online business...

Even if they know next to nothing about entrepreneurship when they first get started.


By leveraging your own life experience!

And that’s just one of MANY things you’ll find out how to do in Start With You -- the first of three special bonuses you’ll receive at no extra charge when you choose the Annual option for Entrepreneur School.

Start With You will help you find your “True North Business” -- the sum of your collected experience and your unique gifts.

And a "True North Business" is the ONLY kind of business that will allow you to stand out from your competition...

AND experience the long-term fulfillment of building not just “A business you CAN build” but “THE business you're MEANT to build.”

Here’s Just a Taste of What You’ll Discover In the Incredibly Powerful 8-Module Start With You Course:

  • Why you already have everything you need to succeed -- and how this one mindset shift will unlock limitless potential...

  • Why your personal story is more powerful than any degree, certification or award when it comes to persuading people to buy from you...

  • How to unlock your buried talents and the unique abilities you’ve had since childhood and combine them with your purpose so you can identify your superpower, make yourself irreplaceable and take the fastest path to career fulfillment and financial freedom...

  • A simple 3-minute exercise for mining your timeline of life experiences so you can find the one defining moment that will become the foundation of your business origin story, even if you don't think you have an impactful story to tell...

  • How to uncover hidden opportunities to monetize your knowledge and package your life experience into high-profit products, services and communities...

  • How to analyze your past experiences through “Maslow's lens” so you can pinpoint the audience you're destined to serve...

  • The exact process for identifying your deepest desires and biggest dreams in business and life so you can build the future you really want...

  • How to find your dream business niche in 48 hours or less by using the “niche-mapping” process so you can build a business around your unique strengths and passions...

  • How to stop being overwhelmed by your never-ending to-do list and start taking massive action on your top priorities using the "Do, Dump, Delegate, Defer" system...

  • How to beat "analysis paralysis" and make progress on your business goals right away with a simple 5-step process for taking massive action, even when you don't feel ready...

  • The paradox of why doing less is actually the key to getting more done...

  • A simple 6-minute exercise for grounding your big vision into actionable minimum, target and stretch goals so you know exactly what to do to make it happen...

  • How to choose your top two business goals and one key life goal to pursue first so you direct your energy on what matters most right now...

  • How to create an "Aligned Action Schedule" that supports peak productivity so you can take massive action on your most important projects every single day...

  • Know what you're really meant to do in the world and who specifically you're meant to serve...

  • How to know the exact next steps to move the needle in your business every day, week, and month moving forward while feeling truly fulfilled...


“I got to that ‘exact thing' and then everything's been easy for me since then.”

“Marisa helped me figure out exactly what I should be focusing on and what product to create. And it's made such a massive difference to me, because she's helped me get to the exact bit where I'm doing something I love doing, something people really want. And people are willing to pay for and I've hit that.”


Start With You retails for $497.

But when you choose the Annual Enrollment for
Entrepreneur School today, you’ll get it for free.


Fear Alchemy

(Value: $297)

Eliminate all the invisible fears and limited beliefs holding you back so you can clear your head, set yourself free and finally make consistent progress building your business.


It’s a nasty emotion.

One that can ruin the lifelong dreams of even the most motivated beginning entrepreneurs.

Perhaps some of these common fears resonate with you or have crossed your mind when thinking of starting your own business:

“I don’t think I have what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur...”

“People will secretly think I’ll fail when I tell them I’m starting my own business...”

"It feels overwhelming trying to learn everything there is to know from scratch."

"What if I can't juggle running the business with taking care of my family?”

"I'm worried the business won't be profitable right away or ever."

"I'm scared to take risks, and uncertainty is really stressful."

"I'm afraid of running out of ideas or getting stuck creatively."

And on and on and on...

Whatever fears you may have encountered yourself over the years...

And if those fears have ever held you back from building your own business with gusto...

I have some good news.

You don’t have to succumb to fear.

In fact, with the right game plan and the right set of strategies...

You can put all of your fear concerns into the past...

And build your business without ever letting fear stop you in your tracks ever again.

And that’s exactly what you’ll find out how to do in Fear Alchemy -- the second of three special bonuses you’ll receive for free when you join Entrepreneur School and choose the Annual option.

Fear Alchemy is a groundbreaking, intuitive 30-hour course created by Ben “The Fear Guy” Harris.

And it’s designed to help you identify the root of your fears and limiting beliefs...

Then, reprogram them to unlock your truest potential.

Through self-guided modules:

  • You’ll identify all of your greatest fears...

  • You’ll discover the foundational fear holding you back...

  • You’ll use the revolutionary breakthrough process in Fear Alchemy to break free from fear, once and for all.

Whatever you’re avoiding or hiding from or wherever you feel stuck when it comes to building your business...

Fear Alchemy will guide you to the root of those fears...

And give you the tools to liberate yourself from those fears.

Here’s what you get inside Fear Alchemy:

  • 3 Course Modules including over 30 hours of high-quality video recordings guided by Ben Harris

  • Fear Alchemy Course Guidebook to accompany every module with self-guided prompts to help you get to the root of your fear

  • Community Group Chat via Telegram to hear transformational stories from fellow Fear Alchemists as well as share your own

  • Lifetime access to Fear Alchemy -- all course content and materials are available, so you can revisit the videos and guidebook whenever you need

  • 10 Recorded Breakthrough Sessions to witness others free themselves from fear in 1-on-1 coaching with Ben and learn through their process

  • Personal fear stories from Ben “The Fear Guy” Harris that show real-life, raw examples of how the 10 foundational fears can manifest in your life

  • Guided Meditations to help you activate and visualize your freedom from fear on a daily basis and release stress

  • And much, much more!

Here's what some esteemed personal development experts have to say about Fear Alchemy:

“What a life-changing journey Fear Alchemy will offer so many…we will all benefit greatly!”


“Fear Alchemy will be extremely impactful for anyone who takes it! Ben is an amazing, authentic coach who truly practices what he preaches and leans into fear to alchemize it into freedom!”


“Fear Alchemy is best described as practical magic. Ben walks you through a tangible step-by-step process, and the result is nothing short of magical.”


Ben is a personal friend of mine and an amazing person who I'm 100% confident can help YOU live your life like fear doesn’t exist.

So wherever you feel stuck when it comes to building your business or life in general...

Or if you’ve ever told yourself you can “feel the fear and do it anyway” but still encounter self-doubt...

Fear Alchemy will guide you to the root of your invisible fears and limiting beliefs...

Then give you the tools to liberate yourself from all of them.

Fear Alchemy currently sells for $297, but you’ll get it FOR FREE when you choose the Annual Enrollment for Entrepreneur School today.


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March 7-9, 2025 

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Attend our most valuable, career-changing event of the year FREE OF CHARGE!

Live Your Message Live is a three-day business accelerator I do just once a year.

It’s designed to get YOU moving forward with clarity...

Even if you’ve failed in the past or spent years trying to make your business work.

Attend Live Your Message Live, and you’ll create an exact plan for what to do, say and sell to grow your business FAST.

Together, we’ll clear away the tactics and strategies that sound nice but don’t make sense for YOU...

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What’s more, you'll also find out how to shrink your endless to-do list, get unstuck and be radically clear on your message and marketing in ONLY THREE DAYS!

At Live Your Message Live, you’ll discover how to:

  • Get rid of ALL the things you thought you should be doing and focus on exactly what will move the needle in your business right now...

  • How to let go of everything that's NOT working for you and in your business...

  • Eliminate the frustration, overwhelm and confusion about what to do next...

  • Focus on key strategies that will propel you forward, regardless of where you're starting from...

  • Create an exact roadmap for what to do, say and sell to grow your business fast...

  • Shrink your endless to-do list, get unstuck and be radically clear on your message and marketing

  • And a whole lot more!

After three days together, you’ll have a complete roadmap for building your own business...

And it’ll all fit on just ONE sheet of paper!

In fact, I bet this is the only event you'll ever leave with a shorter to-do list than when you arrived!

Here's what just a handful of Live Your Message Live attendees had to say about their experience at the event:

"I now have a step by step plan on just one page of exactly what I need to do. And I'm just going to go implement that. I'm so much farther than I would have been had I not been here. Marisa is truly extraordinary and I'm so glad I was here!"

- ROB A.

"My biggest breakthrough is the realization of how big my dream can actually be. When I first came to the event, I had an idea of what I maybe wanted to create. But now, after just a few days, what I'm envisioning for myself is so much bigger. If you're an entrepreneur, you need to be here!"


"Live Your Message Live helped me see the bigger picture and how each piece of my business fits together. My favorite part was figuring out how much I should be charging and how to create a $50,000 offer -- I've learned so much!"

- TOM F.

"I’ve attended Live Your Message Live twice now, but I got more out of last week’s Live Your Message Live than I ever have. Who would have ever thought you could figure out your brand at one event!? Well, at Live Your Message Live... I did!"


"This event helped me pull together my message, my offer, my pricing and how all those pieces constantly produce income & maximum impact."

- TOM M.

"The Message to Money Pathway I created last year at Live Your Message LIVE led to my most exciting VIP day ever this year -- an out-of-the-world experience for me AND my client!"


“In one weekend I now have the clarity of where the gaps are and how I can fix them!”


"If you're ready to stop feeling ripped off by trainers who sell you inflated expectations and no content, leaving you with credit card debt and zero clients, it's time to do yourself a favor and learn from Marisa... She's the real deal. Honest. I only wish I had found her sooner."


This is the exact roadmap I wish I had when I started my business 13 years ago...

And the one thing I repeatedly hear from Live Your Message Live attendees is, “I wish I had this sooner.”

So if you want to get crystal clear about your message, offers and marketing once and for all...

Then you need to join us at Live Your Message Live on March 7-9, 2025.

Attendance at Live Your Message Live currently sells for $900.

But you’ll get to attend FOR FREE (virtually) when you choose the Annual Membership for Entrepreneur School today.

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  • Fear Alchemy ($297 Value)
  • Live Your Message LIVE Tuition Waiver ($900 Value)





Best Value

  • Monthly Classes
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Templates, Scripts & AI Generators
  • Community Access
  • Entrepreneur Launchpad Bundle
  • Start With You ($497 Value)
  • Fear Alchemy ($297 Value)
  • Live Your Message LIVE Tuition Waiver ($900 Value)



Save $167 & Get $1,694 in Added Bonuses



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